All Natural Soap Better for you Than You Think

Handmade all natural soap does more than make you smell good. When you use all natural soap from Organik Junkie, you are benefiting your skin and your body as well.

According to Organik Junkie, there are some reasons you should consider handmade all natural soap for you, your family, and anyone you care about.

Soap really isn’t what it was a half a century ago. These so-called soaps that are on the shelves of your local supermarket and pharmacy are more like clothes soap than body soap.

The FDA explains that, “Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most cleaners that are used to clean the body are synthetic detergent products.”

Real Soap

True soap is made by mixing lye, fat, or oils resulting in a combination of glycerin and soap. Coconut oil, olive oil and other oils will leave elements in the soap. Other natural ingredients, such as Shea butter used by Organik Junkie are excellent for skin nourishment while oatmeal makes a great exfoliant. No synthetic chemicals need to be added and nothing needs to be removed. True soap, like the all natural soap from Organik Junkie is perfect the way it is.

Synthetic Soap

Those mass produced detergent products that label themselves as all natural soaps are synthetic being robbed of valuable ingredients, one of the most important being glycerin. These natural humectants attract moisture to the skin and are a very soothing emollient.

Soap manufacturers who produce synthetic soaps separate the glycerin to use in other products that will cost the consumer more. Foaming agents, detergents and chemical fragrances are often used to stimulate the properties of soap that lacks glycerin.

Keeping your skin clean is important, but so is what you clean it with. Let Organik Junkies get your body back on track with all natural soaps and body products. Your skin really will feel the difference, and so will you.

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