All Natural Bath Products May Not Be Natural

Not all natural bath products may be as natural as you thought, and although the FDA does an okay job when it comes to regulating personal care and cosmetic products, it’s important that you do some research yourself.

Organik Junkie only uses all natural ingredients in the bath bombs, soap, and other all natural bath products. You will never find anything that you can’t pronounce in an all natural bath product from Organik Junkie.

Just take a stroll down the aisle of your local pharmacy, pick up a skin care product, and read the ingredients. Thousands of chemicals are absorbed into the body through your skin.

Unfortunately, the skin care and make up companies are highly unregulated. There is no pre-approval before the product is put on the shelves. There is a minor process approval, but it is only for ingredients that have been classified as drugs you buy over the counter and for color additives.

The synthetic chemicals used in bath and body products can penetrate your skin and cause irritation. In fact, endocrine disrupters are carcinogenic.

According to Organik Junkie, all chemicals should be avoided, but these are at the top of the list:

  • Parabens-Can increase your risk of breast cancer
  • Synthetic colors-Can cause skin irritation and have been linked to ADHD
  • Fragrance-Can cause dermatitis, allergies, respiratory distress and reproductive organ problems
  • Phthaltes-Can cause early breast development in girls and male and female reproductive birth defects
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate-Can cause problems with your skin, eyes, and lungs, and has been known to cause respiratory and kidney damage when used with other chemicals

Organik Junkie all natural bath products do not contain chemicals. In fact, you can see the list of ingredients on the website.

Do your research and stop buying chemically laden products. You really will be doing your body a favor.

Buy your all natural bath products from Organik Junkie today.

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