All Natural Bath Bombs for an Amazing Experience

All Natural Bath Bombs from Organik Junkie are just that, natural. When you order all natural bath bomb from the Organik Junkie artisans, you will be thrilled with your natural bath bombs that will give you soft and supple skin.

If you love ice cream, check out the all natural bath bomb ice cream cones in four delicious scents. Orange, chocolate, vanilla and cherry infused with other natural ingredients create scrumptious and luxurious bath bombs that not only feel good, but look great as well.

Are you a fan of cupcakes? If you are, check out the range of all natural bath bombs from Organik Junkie. These scrumptious looking cupcakes are perfect as a gift, for someone you love, or for yourself.

So what is a Bath Bomb?

All Natural Bath Bombs are hard packed and filled with natural ingredients that explode, like a bomb when wet. Organik Junkie uses essential oils and other non-chemical ingredients that feel great when thrown in the bath.

With a natural bath bomb from Organik Junkie, you can settle in for the best soak of your life. Every bath bomb is loaded with essential oils that are bound to, “Take you away.”

Are All Bath Bombs the Same?

Not all bath bombs are created equal. Some are loaded with ingredients that can irritate your skin. The all natural bath bombs from Organik Junkie are moisturizing and will not harm your skin, regardless of how sensitive you are. Other bath bombs contain dyes and fragrances that not everyone can tolerate.

According to Organik Junkie, some bath bombs even contain dyes that can cause problems for your eyes, not to mention the hormone disrupting additives that are used to make bath bombs.

If you love baths, skip the chemicals and buy your all natural bath bombs from Organik Junkie. You really will notice a difference. Buy your bath bombs today.

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