Dirt On Us

When Arlicia (AC) Chrestotholos’ boss told her she was the one actually running the company, she laughed because she knew it was true. So did her boss. In normal corporate fashion, she was fired. The next day, she started her own company.

Who’s the boss, now?

Using AC’s sharp business acumen and tons of creativity, Texas-based Organik Junkie makes unique soaps and bath products designed to cleanse the body, please the senses, and soothe the soul. AC’s philosophy is simple: make products that are modern, useful and good for you while keeping the pricing affordable.

It’s that desire, compounded with AC’s sense of playfulness, that make Organik Junkie’s bath products some of the finest on the market. Natural ingredients are combined in fascinating ways, culminating in rustic soaps like no other. Handcrafted with essential oils, all of Organik Junkie’s products are organic, vegan and contain no GMO’s.

What kind of mood are you in? Embrace your tropical side with Citrus Kiss, a rush of lemon and bergamot. Come out and play with Penny Swirl, a cherry almond soap with seven colors mixed together! Hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the knob and lock the door with Leave Me Alone, the relaxation soap.

You can even design your own soap and let the wizards at Organik Junkie create it for you!

With a strong sense of community and a commitment to personal customer service, Organik Junkie is nothing less than a success story in the making, and our customers are a vital part of it! Your support of independent business is not only vital for the economy, it sets an example for future entrepreneurs to go into business for themselves. And it all starts with a bar of soap.

The Organikommunity

Lava Mae is a charity that repurposes municipal buses, turning them into mobile showers for the homeless and disenfranchised in the San Francisco area. Lava Mae believes that the simple act of taking a shower, which most of us take for granted, can open doors for the homeless. Their self-esteem is also boosted. With Lava Mae’s help, homeless people are gaining employment, working their way out of a life on the streets.

Organik Junkie understands the importance of not just being clean, but feeling clean; how something as simple as a shower can change your whole outlook.  That’s why we make a monthly donation of our handmade soaps to Lava Mae as our way of giving back to the community. It’s not for show. It’s the right thing to do. To find out more about Lava Mae and how you can help the homeless in your area, visit lavamae.org.