Organik Junkie Soaps

Naturally Addicting

Discover an array of organic soaps, bath and body products unlike anything you've experienced before. Sumptuous yet playful, the handmade products of Organik Junkie will leave you craving more.


They fired her for being too good at her job. Now she's the president of her own company.



Learn how we give back to the ORGANIKOMMUNITY through donations and charitable work with Lava Mae.


Choose from our list of ingredients and infusions to make a soap as singular and unique as you.


A little bit about us...

Based in Texas, Organik Junkie creates organic and natural soaps, bath treats and body sprays. Steeped in creativity and dedicated to providing value and interactivity with their customers, Organik Junkie is a singular shopping experience with unique products. Everything we make is sold and shipped without the excessive packaging. We like to ship your goodies in recycled cigar boxes, which people love. This allows the customer to instantly connect with our product as soon as they open the box.

You deserve to feel good.

Treat yourself.